There’s a new consciousness emerging in America. It’s a philosophy that values quality over quantity. Conservation over consumerism. And compassion over intolerance. It’s woven in the way we want to live.


Most often, OPaL builds on previously developed land, reducing the impact of growth and preserving open spaces. We find close-in locations to conserve on commuting costs. Use southern-facing light in creative, energy-saving ways. And emphasize casual family spaces and connections to the outdoors.


We share your passion for making small changes that create a big impact on the world. One day all homes will support more conscious ways of living.


Until then, there’s OPaL.

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5 Reasons

To Renovate

Your Home

with OPaL


Others may build by the hundreds, but OPaL builds by the handfuls. Quantity is for those who measure value on a spreadsheet. 


Quality is for those who measure it by a life well lived.

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Watkins Alley, Capitol Hill DC
Townhomes from $1,225,000 to $1,485,000

OPAL-2001 1007 & 1008 O Street Street Vi

O Street NW / Logan Circle / Shaw, DC

Condos from $1m | Rowhomes from $1,995,000



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OPaL Homes About Us


OPaL’s custom homes reflect a unique perspective for those who value their individuality, respect their environment and seek more meaning in life. They’re homes you yearn to return to each day and take comfort in waking up in. That’s the difference between living in a commodity and living in a community. 


And it’s the difference OPaL is making one home—and one homeowner—at a time in the National Capital Area.




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Named for our faithful canine companions past and present—Oliver, Parker and Lucy—OPaL is the measure of every home we build. It represents comfort, warmth and reliability. It conjures special moments of the day when everyone is home and safe and together. And it summons an innate feeling of security and cushioning from the coarseness of the outside world.


OPaL is that sparkling gem, lit from within, that you see from down the block and can't wait to reach. OPaL is unconditional friendship.