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Thanks for visiting the OPaL blog!

Which is really my work journal, so I hope you enjoy it. This little blog isn't going to win a Pulitzer anytime soon; you'll see plenty spelling and grammar errors and maybe even some slang. However, you'll learn a little about why we build the homes we build, in the areas we build them.


You might also come to understand what makes an OPaL home so special. I think it's an intangible quality; maybe even an energy that just makes you feel good as you walk through our homes. The reading nooks. The interesting site lines. The use of sunlight. These are just a few examples of what makes our homes so unique. That's why our tag line reads: Homes as Unique as You Are. OPaL homes are an expression and extension of who we are as builders, architects, designers, and human beings.


I hope our homes can also be an expression and extension of who our homeowners are too. That would be nice.



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